No Thanks

Author: Jean-Michel Lemieux

CTO, Shopify

When I decided to study computer science at university, my parents were skeptical. They didn’t know anyone who had chosen this as a career. Computer science was, and still is, in its infancy. Software development isn’t pure science or pure engineering — it’s a combination of the two, mixed with a remarkable amount of artistic flare. It's a profession where you grow by learning the theory and then doing. A lot of doing. It’s a profession that’s increasingly in demand. And it’s a profession so new that schools are still learning how to teach it. The supply isn’t matching the demand; not even close.

Our industry is fraught with critical shortages of skills and diversity — software developers are more valuable to companies than money [1]. It’s pretty obvious, we have to aggressively invest in growing and developing software professionals more than ever.

Shopify has figured out an important part of how to solve these problems. We call it Dev Degree — a work-integrated learning (WIL) program that combines an accredited university degree with double the experience of a traditional co-op. The program is already in its 3rd year, and it’s time to talk about why it’s a big deal to us.

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