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Shopify Springboard for Students

Owen Craston was signed up for Computer Science at Carleton University and received an email from the program’s director. Laura Aubin was planning to study a different subject in another faculty when a high school mentor told her about an exciting new opportunity. Lulu Sheng heard about it from a friend. Niko Kouloufakos started down this path when he was in Grade 11. He was summoned to a meeting in the principal’s office, where his computer teacher suggested that he drop the class and, instead, apply for a co-op placement at a rapidly growing Ottawa-based commerce company. Although the routes they have taken vary, all four of these Carleton undergrads are enthusiastic participants in Carleton’s unique Dev Degree internship partnership with Shopify, where students split...
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How a work-integrated learning program can help find your career path, from a student who knows

Adrianna Chang, a Dev Degree student at Carleton, shares a special feature with the Financial Post. In her article, Chang shares her journey leading up to, and throughout, Dev Degree, and the importance of work-integrated learning. To students facing the daunting challenge of choosing a career path, and to parents with children entering this challenging phase in their lives, I encourage you to take the time to research WIL programs. The practical work experience these programs offer alongside classroom learning is invaluable, and the benefits of both mentorship and the ability to explore different career paths is so helpful for students overwhelmed by the seemingly endless career possibilities. WIL help close the gap between the classroom and the workplace, enabling and empowering...
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How to sustain Canada’s brain gain

Jean-Michel Lemieux, CTO at Shopify and Dev Degree founder, Inmar Givoni, Senior Autonomy Engineering Manager at Uber, and Bruce Dorland, co-founder of gdR share their insights on Canadian Tech Talent in an opinion piece with the Globe and Mail. Citing Dev Degree as one example, the article challenges stereotypes of the Canadian tech ecosystem. One homegrown example is Shopify’s Dev Degree. This work-integrated learning program combines an accredited university degree with double the experience of a traditional co-op. Students work with industry mentors to gain critical skills and solve real-life problems using technology. Read the full article here
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