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So, what is Dev Degree?

Simply put, Dev Degree is an education program that earns students a computer science degree, while they gain hands-on experience working on real projects at Shopify.

The key to the program's success is work-integrated learning. At Dev Degree, we believe students achieve the best outcomes when they pair theory with hands-on experience. This allows students to develop a deep understanding of technology and the process of developing technology.

It doesn't stop at just work-integrated learning. At Dev Degree, we surround students with support from coaches, technical instructors, and mentors. Additionally, to alleviate financial pressures, Shopify covers the full cost of tuition for every student.

Is Dev Degree right for your students?

Each year, Dev Degree welcomes a new cohort of students joining the program. These students come from all over the world to study computer science in a hands-on environment with their peers. 

We welcome high school students, university students changing majors, and even career switchers. The program is designed to support folks with some technical literacy and students who have never written a line of code. 

If you have ambitious students looking to build hands-on experience while earning their computer science degree, we encourage them to apply! 

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"When we started Dev Degree, our goal was to rethink a traditional CS degree. We often found that students struggled to connect the theory they learned in school to their development jobs. By blending education with the practical application, we find students can quickly become pivotal members of their teams!"

Alison Evans Adnani, Program Lead - Dev Degree

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