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Interested in applying to Dev Degree? Want to learn more about the student experience or advantages of the program? Here are our most frequently asked questions from students.

Applying to Dev Degree

Who can apply to Dev Degree?

  • Grade 12 students
  • Mature students 
  • International students
  • First year undergraduate Computer Science students

Can I transfer to Dev Degree from a different Computer Science program?

Yes. If you are in your first year of an undergraduate Computer Science (or related) program at any university, you are eligible to apply to Dev Degree. 

If you’re further along in your university Computer Science journey (2+ years), Dev Degree might not be the best program for you as you are still required to complete 4 years of work experience at Shopify. If this sounds like you, we encourage you to apply to Shopify’s regular internship program:

How do I apply to Dev Degree?

Submit your application to the Dev Degree team at Shopify. Applying to the Dev Degree program is pretty easy; we promise! We need some basic information about you to start the application process. You aren't committing to anything at this point.

Dev Degree offers are conditional upon acceptance into one of our university partner’s programs, so you'll also need to apply to Carleton University's Bachelor of Computer Science Honours program and/or York University's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program for Fall 2021.

Note: You can apply to Dev Degree before submitting your application to Carleton and/or York University.

What are the academic requirements to get into Dev Degree?

Your offer is conditional on your acceptance into a Dev Degree University partner’s program (Carleton University's Bachelor of Computer Science Honours (B.C.S. Honours) program and/or York University's Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program). 

The academic requirements for these programs are defined by the universities. Please review their admissions requirements.

Do I need to apply to a specific Computer Science stream to be accepted into Dev Degree?

No, you can apply to any stream.

If you are accepted into Dev Degree, your original application stream will be automatically replaced with the Industrial Applications Internship option at Carleton University or the Industry Partnership/Dev Degree option at York University.

Note: You will need to apply to either Carleton University's  Bachelor of Computer Science Honours (B.C.S. Honours) program and/or York University's  Bachelor of Science in Computer Science program.

Do I need computer programming experience to apply?

While computer programming experience is an asset, it is not required. We’re interested in hearing about your passions and experiences, and how you demonstrate a growth mindset, resiliency, and time management skills.

I have not received my university acceptance. Can I still apply to Dev Degree?

Yes. You do not need to wait for your university acceptance to apply to Dev Degree.

Can I still receive a scholarship if I’m accepted into Dev Degree?

Yes. If you receive a scholarship, it’s yours to keep. You’ll still earn your full Dev Degree salary and your tuition will be paid in full by Shopify.

How many applicants do you get each year?

Dev Degree receives hundreds of applications each year. Our team carefully reviews each application and you will hear back from our Dev Degree team.

Do I need to include references in my application?

No, you do not need to include references in your application.

I forgot to include something in my application. How can I resubmit?

To update your submission, resubmit a new application using the same name and email and we will use your most recent submission for screening. As a best practice, double-check your application, and copy and save your original application responses in the event that you have to resubmit. 

Can my interview be done remotely?

Absolutely! Interviews can be done via video conferencing.

How many students are accepted into Dev Degree each year?

This varies from year to year, but we usually accept 10-15 students from each university.

Life in Dev Degree

How is Dev Degree different from a traditional co-op program?

Unlike a co-op where students switch between terms of schooling and industry experience, Dev Degree students learn theory which can be applied to industry problems in real-time. The Dev Degree model layers in specific work-integrated experiences to a traditional University degree for greater impact. Dev Degree layers include:

  • Development Skills: programming languages, tools, methodologies, testing, debugging, databases, performance tuning, system architecture, and navigating large codebases
  • Technology Breadth: web, mobile, cloud, data, AI/ML, fraud detection, security, financial transactions, scalability, HA, operations, front-end, animations, and incident management
  • Feedback Loops: mentorship, self-assessments, reflection, self-awareness, evaluations
  • Personal Growth: teamwork, giving and receiving feedback, time management, customer thinking, communication skills, writing, growth mindset, resourcefulness, and resilience

What do I get in Dev Degree?

In Dev Degree, students have access to a variety of resources and opportunities, including:

  • 4 years of work-integrated learning
  • Competitive intern salary and tuition paid for by Shopify
  • 4,500+ hours of work experience
  • Internships on different teams within Shopify
  • Internships support the learning of new skills
  • Support in finding a new team placement
  • Shipping production code on your first team placement
  • Flexible and balanced workload
  • Collaborative environment
  • Small cohort
  • Deep professional network
  • Support from the Dev Degree team
  • Life at Shopify mentorship

How many team placements will I have at Shopify?

Throughout your 4 years in Dev Degree, you’ll be placed on 4 different development teams in 4 different disciplines with 4 different mentors.

What are the disciplines I could work in during a team placement?

  • Frontend and backend web development
  • Data engineering and data science (big data)
  • Mobile development
  • Security and privacy engineering
  • Production engineering and cloud computing
  • Machine learning and artificial intelligence

Will I work on merchant-facing projects?

Absolutely! While on your team placements, you’ll be working on production code, solving complex problems, and delivering new features and fixes that impact Shopify merchants.

What will my university course schedule be like in Dev Degree?

During Dev Degree, you’ll take 3 courses per semester (Fall, Winter and Summer) at our University partner. These courses are a mix of electives and core computer science courses that you’ll attend with other undergraduates on campus.

As part of the program, you’ll enroll in industry practicum courses that count towards your degree requirements, allowing you to graduate in 4 years. Your industry practicum courses draw from your experience at Shopify (~25 hours each week at Shopify - 5 of these hours are dedicated to personal development).

What will a typical day be like for me in Dev Degree?

First year

You'll split your time between university and Shopify. Each term you'll take 3 university courses on campus and spend ~25 hours/week at Shopify. In year one, you'll focus on learning the tools and technologies that will prepare you to join Shopify development teams.

Second, third and fourth year

You'll continue to split your time between university and Shopify. Each term you'll take 3 university courses on campus and spend ~25 hours/week at Shopify. Throughout these three years, you’ll spend your time at Shopify working on a development team. 

Note: 5 of your weekly Shopify hours are dedicated to personal development.

Will I work in the summer? 

Yes, you work all year round at 25 hours/week at Carleton or York University, and 25 hours/week at Shopify. One of the perks you have a student is flexible vacation days that can be used throughout the year. 

Note: 5 of your weekly Shopify hours are dedicated to personal development.

If I no longer want to be a part of Dev Degree, how do I exit the program?

We respect any student’s decision to exit the program at any time. 

Although departure from Dev Degree is equivalent to termination of your current employment contract at Shopify, you are still able (and encouraged!) to pursue your degree in Computer Science.

Unfortunately, Shopify will no longer pay tuition or salary. All credits you have received will remain on your transcript and will count towards your degree.

Advantages of Dev Degree

Is there anything else I receive at Shopify?

At Shopify, culture is very important. We work hard to build an inclusive environment that encourages creativity. As part of Dev Degree, you’ll receive: 

  • The opportunity to work with a small cohort of students 
  • Mentors to support your growth
  • Dedicated staff to support your wellbeing and impact throughout the program
  • A MacBook Pro to complete your work
  • Flexible vacation days and university fall and winter reading weeks off  
  • An annual allowance to be used towards your wellness and professional growth

Can I live in university residence?

Absolutely! You can live in residence at either Carleton or York University. 

Will Shopify cover my residence or accommodation costs?

No. Unfortunately, accommodations are not covered in Dev Degree. However, we do pay for tuition and a competitive intern salary which can help cover some of these costs.

Can I use the facilities in my university if I’m not living in residence? 

Definitely! You can opt into the meal plan, use the gym, library, and other facilities. You have the same access to university services as any other student.

What salary will I make at Shopify?

You’ll receive a competitive intern salary that is in line with industry standards. In addition, Shopify will pay your university tuition and provide generous perks.

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