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A computer science degree unlike any other

Earn a computer science degree through a learning and placement path that’s unlike any other computer science program. Our innovative work-integrated learning model provides hands-on experience across a breadth of disciplines and teams, giving you the confidence to jump-start your future—wherever it takes you. While we foster a culture of ownership and autonomy, we won't leave you to navigate the program and placements alone. Our technical mentors and support team are responsible for guiding, evaluating, and providing actionable feedback—every step of the way. Plus, you'll be part of a small class, so you'll never feel like just a number. We’ll also pay for your degree and give you a salary, so you can focus on learning and growth, all while working on impactful projects.

  • Cailyn Edwards, Alumni

    “We work together to solve hard problems, and are always eager to help each other learn. I can't imagine being as successful at university if I didn't have the crew here on my side.”

  • Nicholas Ellul, Alumni

    “In a world where universities have a hard time keeping up with the pace of technology, Dev Degree is doing something different. This is the future of computer science education.”

  • Britta Evans-Fenton, Alumni

    “Having guidance from mentors and specificities at Shopify has meant I’ve been able to learn the top best practices from those who have really shaped the field of computer science.”

  • Natalia Kingsbury, Alumni

    “I was at a crossroads in life and going back to school seemed scary, but being able to get work experience, get paid, and not accrue student debt was the perfect path for me as a mature student.”

  • Devan Andersen, Alumni

    “Because my instructors helped me build a strong foundation first, I was able to jump right into the fun and excitement of the problems I'd be solving in my first team placement.”

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