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We launched Dev Degree in 2016 with a mission to shake up the traditional experience for computer science education, by combining hands-on experience, self-paced learning, and theoretical foundations.

What does hands-on experience mean?

You'll learn, practice, and work with production software and tools and the innovative teams who build it. We don't believe in bogging you down with busy work or low-value side projects. Instead, we want to help you learn, experiment, and grow your development skills, enabling you to contribute to our product and impact hundreds of millions of people. Pretty cool, right?

You'll work throughout the entire program and have opportunities to grow personally through your social activities at Shopify and education partners.

Dev Degree intern photograph

Why Dev Degree instead of another computer science program?

Obtaining a degree in computer science is a typical path to becoming a software developer. However, it’s not uncommon to hear that some of the best developers have opted for non-traditional routes or didn’t finish a degree they started. Others follow a formal education route, typically for 4-5 years, and often find it tough to connect the theory they learned in school to their development jobs. That doesn’t mean degrees don’t matter. Many developers value the depth and breadth of formal education that degrees can provide. Degrees are worth the effort - but can be delivered more efficiently. Enter Dev Degree!

We'll teach you current, sought-after software technologies and give you four years of practice building realistic, impactful products. Experience matters, and being able to apply what you learn quickly on real-world products is key to mastering skills.

Dev Degree provides the opportunity to fast-track learning and tie theory to real-life product development practice.

Dev Degree 4-Year Timeline

Developer skills
training at Shopify
New development team
every 8/12 months for 3 years
Ruby, Rails, JavaScript,
React, databases, and more
4500+ hours of hands-on experience across different
high-demand development disciplines and products
4 years of University studies in parallel to Shopify training and placements

Why Dev Degree instead of a traditional work-integrated learning program?

There are plenty of work-integrated learning models. In Canada, you'll hear them referred to them as "co-op" programs. There are some important differences between Dev Degree and these traditional programs. 

Dev Degree program structure

Dev Degree students work on development teams at Shopify in parallel with their university studies, instead of alternating terms in the classroom and the workplace like a traditional work-integrated learning program.

Students are granted academic credits for their work at Shopify and graduate with an accredited degree in computer science in only four years with 4500+ hours of work experience. Working closely with our university partners, students take three university courses on campus each term and spend ~25 hours each week at Shopify.

On top of this, we will pay your tuition and give you a competitive salary and vacation. That's over $160,000 (CDN) in total financial support.

Shopify-delivered developer skills

The Developer Skills Training path is a set of Shopify-delivered courses that you take in your first year at Shopify. We design the courses to prepare you for your team placements. The training path takes eight months to complete and gives you a strong foundation.

Shopify work placements

After completing your training path, you will gain hands-on developer experience by joining a team at Shopify. Your Placement Specialist curates your placement, and you’ll be assigned a dedicated mentor for the 8-month duration.

Each placement provides a different experience than the last to ensure you are gaining new perspectives and opportunities to work with new people. Throughout your four years in Dev Degree, you will have four team placements with four different mentors.



Does this all sound interesting to you?

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