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How to Apply

Here's what you can expect from the Dev Degree program application process.

Steps 1-3 Applications open!
Fall 2022
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Attend Dev Degree events!
Final application close
Step 4 Interviews begin
Step 5 Offers made!

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Selection Process

Step 1

Apply to Dev Degree

Submit your application to the Dev Degree team at Shopify. Applying to the Dev Degree program is pretty easy; we promise! We need some basic information about you to start the application process. You aren't committing to anything at this point.

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Dev Degree offers are conditional upon acceptance into one of our university partner’s programs, so you'll also need to apply to Carleton University, York University and/or Dominican University of California for Fall 2023.

Note: You can apply to Dev Degree before submitting your application to our university partners.

Step 2

Complete your computational questions

The computational questions are a test of your readiness to learn computer science. Don’t panic! The computational questions allow you to showcase your problem-solving skills.

Step 3

Complete your personal statement

Your personal statements are your opportunity to tell us cool things about who you are, what you’re passionate about, and why you're interested in Dev Degree and computer science.

Step 4


In March, prospective students will be invited to a "Life Story" interview with a Shopify recruiter. You'll be asked to talk about yourself on a personal level, including your hobbies, interests, and life experiences. The best way to prepare is to spend some time reflecting on the experiences you've had and the things you've done to bring you to the point you're at today. Then, be ready to settle into a genuine two-sided conversation. Learn more about the Shopify Life Story interview.

Following the Life Story interview, we will invite selected applicants to three back-to-back interviews:

Cup of coffee

Meet a Dev Degree intern

This is an informal short chat with a current Dev Degree intern to give you a chance to talk to someone about their experience about the program.

Cup of coffee

Admissions interview

You'll meet with two Dev Degree team members to discuss program details and expectations. This interview focuses on learning more about your past experiences and how they relate to Dev Degree.

Cup of coffee

Technical interview

You'll meet with two Shopify developers to brainstorm on a problem-solving question. Prior programming experience is not required. We will be assessing your cognitive processing ability and problem-solving skills.

Step 5


In May, after all the interviews are complete, selected candidates will receive an offer to the Dev Degree program!

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