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We are confident that no other computer science program supports you like Dev Degree. We won’t hold your hand every step of the way, but we will focus on development and success from onboarding to graduation and ensure that the program and curriculum are second-to-none.

Meet the Dev Degree team

We are innovative technical educators, passionate program specialists, problem solvers, dot connectors, cat herders, relationship builders, and fierce student advocates.

Dev Degree educator


The courses we teach at Shopify provide the foundation to prepare you for work placements. Our educators have an extensive background in education and computer science and are responsible for building out and delivering the curriculum for all the developer skills training courses taught at Shopify. The instructors create courses for a wide range of development skills relevant to development at Shopify and other companies.

Program Leads

Program leads are the liaison between Shopify and our university partners. We have a program lead to represent each partnership, and they work with educators to define the curriculum and developer skills training courses. They are also responsible for hiring and evaluating student performance.

Student Success Specialists

Many students are coming to the program straight from high school, which can be daunting. To ease the transition, our student success specialists are responsible for supporting student well-being, connecting you with mentors, helping you learn how to become effective communicators, and being the voice of the students at Shopify. This nurturing environment helps protect first-year students from being overwhelmed and underprepared for team placements.

Placement Specialists

It can be challenging to build work experience as a computer science student, especially when it comes to finding that elusive first placement. Not for Dev Degree students! Work experience is an integral part of our applied learning model, and our placement specialists coordinate and oversee work placements for all students. We work closely with Shopify development teams and students to ensure compatibility and fit to place students on teams where they can be impactful.

Development Team Mentors

Work placements allow you to apply what you’ve learned in your courses to meaningful, real-world development projects. This hands-on experience can be both exciting and terrifying! Our development team mentors are there to help students build confidence, technical skills, and gain the experience needed to feel part of the team. Mentors are responsible for guiding, evaluating, and providing actionable feedback to students throughout their work placements.

Life@Shopify Mentors

In addition to placement mentors, we also have experienced Shopify employees who volunteer to mentor you as you navigate the program, placements, and the company. These Life@Shopify mentors act as a trusted guide and help round out the mentorship experience at Shopify.

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