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We work closely with our education partners to integrate the computer science theory and development practices and deepen both the understanding of concepts and work experience. Your faculty advisors play an active role in guiding you with course selections, navigating the program, and evaluating your internship courses and practicums.

By partnering with academic institutions, we pair theory with real-world application. You'll learn new techniques at school and apply them to solve real problems on development teams at Shopify.


Carleton University

Carleton’s School of Computer Science has earned national recognition for its innovative undergraduate programs. Building on a strong core program in computer science and software engineering, our Bachelor of Computer Science Honours degree adds opportunities to learn about important application areas such as computer games, the life sciences and business. The core program gives all BCS graduates strong preparation for work in the IT industry or for advanced studies in computer science. Students who choose to also gain expertise in an application area will have a considerable advantage if they are interested in a job in that area after graduating.

Carleton's professors bring knowledge and experience from a variety of backgrounds and maintain strong links with international high-tech leaders. The School is internationally recognized for its research, particularly in the areas of security, high-performance computing, networks, human-computer interaction and algorithms.


Carleton University Graduate

York University

York's Computer Science program will equip you with both foundational knowledge and applied skills, using a blend of hardware and software courses including extensive lab work. You will learn the methodologies that lead to efficient and accurate software development, and you can choose from a wide range of application areas, including machine learning, robotics, graphics, user interface design and data mining.

Changing the world for the better, perhaps through artificial intelligence, data science, and other new fields of the future, requires more than a purely technical point of view. An awareness of impacts on the world and on our lives is a fundamental outcome of the program.


Make School

Based in Silicon Valley, Make School offers a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Computer Science founded on the belief that real-world experience is an essential component of learning. In operation since 2012, Make School has always placed a strong emphasis on ensuring the relevance of education for the modern economy and accessibility to students of all backgrounds. Make School partners with US-based Dominican University of California to provide a fully accredited Bachelor’s degree in Applied Computer Science, with notable faculty including ex-Google and NASA engineers.

Make School’s unique combination of computer science and liberal arts prepares students of every background to work with the world’s leading tech companies. Their project-based, industry-informed and integrated curriculum prepares students to keep up with the rapid speed at which technology and new languages evolve. Graduates of Make School have gone on to work at highly sought-after companies including Google, Lyft, Microsoft, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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