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Student Experience

OK, so the program sounds innovative and cool and it's great that there's a team dedicated to student success, but what is life really like for Dev Degree students?

Student Experience

A Day in the Life of a Dev Degree Student

Strong sense of community

The Dev Degree cohorts are small and diverse and tend to quickly form into a cohesive community.

"Whether it's with work, school, or personal life, the support system is a huge reason I've been able to grow into the person I am today."

- Nicholas Ellul, Dev Degree Alumni

How you'll split your time

First year

Each term, you'll take three university courses on campus and spend ~25 hours/week at Shopify. In year one, you'll focus on learning the tools and technologies that will prepare you to join Shopify development teams.

After First Year

You'll continue to split your time between university and Shopify. Each term, you'll take three university courses on campus and spend ~25 hours/week at Shopify. Throughout these years, you'll spend your time at Shopify working on a development team and learning while doing. We support your growth, so five hours of your weekly Shopify hours are dedicated to personal development.

A culture of support and mentorship

Mentorship and support play a significant role in student success and are woven throughout the Dev Degree program. Our dedicated team ensures you are never left feeling lost or floundering, and development team mentors and colleagues will help you get the most out of your placements.

Remote education and learning

We've adapted the Dev Degree program to be digital by default. Like all Shopify employees, you'll be able to learn and work remotely, safely, and with modern technology and tools. Learn more about how we've adapted and reimagined work at Shopify.

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"I am always blown away by just how much time my colleagues will make available to help me. I have never reached out to someone for support (technical or personal) and not have them enthusiastically jump in to help. This is really what makes Dev Degree special."

- Cailyn Edwards, Dev Degree Alumni

Does this all sound interesting to you?

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