Student Experience

Dev Degree provides students with a true work-integrated learning experience by dissolving the gap between classroom studies and on-the-job knowledge. In Dev Degree, students work on development teams at Shopify in parallel with their university studies, instead of alternating terms in the classroom and the workplace like a traditional co-op.

Students are granted academic credits for their work at Shopify and graduate with an honours degree in computer science in only four years with 4500+ hours of work experience.

On top of this, Shopify pays students' tuition, a competitive salary, and vacation, for a total financial support of more than $160,000.

These types of challenges are not part of the university curriculum and can only get this experience in an industry setting. The entire Dev Degree program is intentionally crafted to show students the connections between university theory and solving real challenges as a developer. 



Students in the Dev Degree program receive a high level of support and mentorship. Throughout Dev Degree, each student is paired with two mentors:

  1. A Life@Shopify mentor is a trusted supporter, friend, and guide. They provide a listening ear and support the student’s well-being.
  2. A technical mentor is a software developer on the team the student is placed with. The technical mentor guides the student on a daily basis, giving them direction, reviewing their work, offering feedback, and answering questions.

Additional Student Support

Students are also supported by Shopify's Dev Degree team, which runs the program. The team has extensive experience in the tech industry in the areas of education, computer science, software development, video game development, coaching, leadership, and more. The team is committed to seeing Dev Degree students succeed.

We also have a Student Life Producer, dedicated to supporting the social and cultural experiences of students and runs workshops and activities focused on personal growth and skills development, and  a Work Placement Producer who curates student placements on development teams, monitors student progress, and facilitates the relationship between students and mentors.

In addition, Shopify has a team of coaches and human resources professionals that are available to all employees, including students in the Dev Degree program.


"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."